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In which Meagan Tandy is a bigger Tyler Hoechlin fangirl than all of us. (x)

She really needs to take a fucking step back, my god. All she does is talk about how hot he is. It’s really off putting. Like, there’s a difference between how fans on Tumblr talk about Hoechlin’s attractiveness, and then actually working with the guy and talking about how hot he is and how excited you were to make out with him? Seems really unprofessional. 

I don’t know. I feel like if the roles were switched, and if Hoechlin just constantly talked about how hot Meagan is and how he was excited to make out with her, and that’s all he talked about, people would call him a creep. Yet, it’s okay for Meagan to do it with every chance she gets?

Shut up. She’s getting enough hate about bullshit. If you say Meagan needs to stop talking about Hoechlin this way, why aren’t you talking about Dylan and Posey? They do the same fucking thing. But because they are boys and they are main characters you love them and hating on her? Hoechlin and the rest of the cast doesn’t care, they think Meagan is funny and they understand her. SHUT UP. god haven’t you seen her fucking twitter? she’s upset bc people HATE her. She is just being herself. 


Literally no one in that cast talks about Hoechlin’s physical appearance more than Dylan O’Brien. In fact Dylan does this the most for all the actors, especially for Hoechlin and Posey (we’re not gonna even get started on how much he does this for Posey). Every time Hoechlin comes up Dylan talks about how good looking he is, how sexy he is, even JR Bourne was sitting right next to Heckles (quite a few times) and went on about how gorgeous he is. And they comment on it so much because Tyler Hoechlin is not just everyday good looking. He’s not just cute. Hoechlin is seriously one of the most attractive people in the history of Hollywood and sometimes people can’t help but to react to that. Meagan is a person just like all of us. On top of that she has to have scenes making out with him, being in their underwear together, and possibly simulated sex in a future episode (whether it’s in this season or in season 5)

but anyway my point is, WHAT ABOUT LITERALLY EVERYBODY ELSE???? What about Dylan who does this to Hoechlin all the time? OR is that ok because Hobrien?

Colethewolf, that is a fucked up false comparison.

Women are treated by all of society to have no more worth than titillating the male gaze. It is not even close to the same thing when a woman talks about how hot a dude is. It will never be the same thing until all men are oppressed by, brutalized for, and objectified by the female gaze the way women are by the male gaze. 

Annnnyone who thinks that men ‘suffer’ the female gaze in any real, life-altering ways has NO IDEA what women experience on a DAILY BASIS, has NO IDEA what they’re talking about. If you think the male gaze is just awkward, embarrassment-causing, uncomfortable, etc, you’re wrong. You are ignorant of the true fucking depths of dehumanization caused by the male gaze. 

Also, more importantly, black women like Meagan Tandy are constantly subjected to brutal hypersexual objectification and are always held to incredibly unrealistic, unfair and impossible respectability standards. When a black woman like Meagan Tandy openly, confidently expresses her sexuality and owns it IN SPITE of this reality, and you shit on her for doing the SAME THING white women do all the time (THAT YOU DO ALL THE TIME IN FANDOM), you’re promoting misogynoir.

And you’ll be held accountable.

Motherfucking everyone take a look at the people taking a shit on Meagan Tandy in these kinds of posts and hold them accountable for their misogynoir. 

I’m sorry to disagree, but when it comes down to it, Meagan really is being inappropriate. While there is nothing wrong with her expressing that she finds Hoechlin attractive, nor am I suggesting she not be open and confident about her sexuality, the issue here is the extent to which she is doing it AND the fact that her character has romantic involvement with Hoechlin’s.

To begin with, Hoechlin has NEVER liked people constantly talking about his appearance, so yeah, Dylan, Posey, and JR should probably tone down on it, too. But if any of their characters had canon sexual interaction with Derek, I’d tell them to turn that knob down even further. The problem is what Meagan is doing is it’s simply unprofessional: it’s blurring the lines between their characters and reality, and regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, or whatever, that is something that all actors should respectfully stay away from.

If she had just said what she said in that interview a couple times, it wouldn’t be THAT big a deal, but she literally brings it up CONSTANTLY. She posts it all over twitter and brings it up in almost every interview I’ve seen with her, and you know what? It’s making Hoechlin VISIBLY UNCOMFORTABLE.

If you go watch this week’s Wolf Watch where both he and Meagan are guests, you can see throughout the episode he is pushing himself to the far edge of the couch, practically humping the arm of it, trying to put as much space between him and her as possible. He has his arms and legs crossed and is visibly closed off. IT IS OBVIOUS HE HAS AN ISSUE WITH HER. If you look at the Wolf Watch with him, Dylan, and Posey, he is open and relaxed, which probably wouldn’t be the case if the objectification he received from them was equally as inappropriate as Meagan’s. 

My point is, it is not MEAGAN herself, as a black woman, that makes this behavior wrong, but the POSITION she is in professionally that makes what she is doing verge on sexually harassing her coworker. 

I understand that you want to defend her and build her up as a representative of black women in media, and really I honestly think she is a wonderful person and does great work with charity, and I am in no way trying to undermine her feminism. And although I’m aware that the fact that she is a female POC while Hoechlin is a white male complicates things, when it comes down to it, all those things do not excuse her. I certainly don’t want to demonize her for this. All I’m asking is that she check her behavior.

This person literally tried to prove their point by projecting their feelings of outrage onto Tyler Hoechlin’s body language. Like they watched Wolf Watch and analyzed his body language and pearl-clutched about how ‘uncomfortable’ he was sitting next to her. 

omg, lol. ok, ok fandom. Go on. Go on and keep making up shit. 

Okay so I’m an industry professional, as in I work in tv and film. She is NOT being unprofessional. She is being charming and following the script given to her. MTV wants Tyler Hoechlin to be perceived as desirable. She is doing exactly the same thing that all of her other coworkers have done (men AND women) by saying he is attractive. Dylan O’Brien has said over and over again “he is so hot.” Somehow people find it utterly charming when HE says it but magically Meagan is unprofessional when she says it?

And sex scenes are uncomfortable. No one is ACTUALLY turned on during a sex scene. There are a million crew members standing around. Usually the set is colder than you’d want. And you’re probably wearing ridiculous undergarments (men typically wear a sock for their penis. Try to feel sexy while wearing a flesh colored sock on your penis.) Sex scenes are AWFUL. If you have a good coworker you can laugh and enjoy the ridiculousness of it and get through it, but I doubt she wrote in her diary “dear diary, had the hottest encounter EVER with Tyler today. I wore a flesh colored triangle taped over my vagina and he wore a sock. It was so sexy.”

Or course it’s Teen Wolf and it’s only implied nudity so they probably got away with flesh colored undies. Anyway, sex scenes are terrible. Meagan is charming and professional. And Tyler Hoechlin is a big boy who doesn’t need his honor defended.

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"Some women are lost in the fire. Some women are built from it."


You either love The Princess Bride or you haven’t seen it

Joe Flannigan as a headcannon for Papa Hale, essentially playing the same character he did on SGA but as a were-dad. Thoughts?




My god the sarcasm around that house with him and Peter Hale. But Derek and Cora obviously got it from somewhere, so…

No.  No, it is too much.

But it fits so well! The sass! The attachment issues! The chest fuzz!

It totally fits!  Hence the too much!  My tv would actually explode.

Joe Flannigan as a headcannon for Papa Hale, essentially playing the same character he did on SGA but as a were-dad. Thoughts?


My god the sarcasm around that house with him and Peter Hale. But Derek and Cora obviously got it from somewhere, so…

No.  No, it is too much.

Bound and Determined


Fandom: Teen Wolf

Title: Bound and Determined
Format: Fic
Author/Artist: apocryphal
Pairing: Derek/Stiles
Rating: NC-17 
Contains: soulbond, bdsm, dom!Stiles, sub!Derek, see fic for other kinks
Length: 7,228

Summary: “Why is this a thing? Why would I…


Jim Beaver just made the Ice Bucket Challenge haters sit down and shutup
(Link From The Post)
Disclaimer: You will probably cry when you watch the video


Jim Beaver just made the Ice Bucket Challenge haters sit down and shutup

(Link From The Post)

Disclaimer: You will probably cry when you watch the video








Always reblog The Princess Bride



this film though ffs

"Have fun storming the castle, boys!"

Twue wuvve

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Derek on his hands and knees on a chair where he's sucking off his dom who has such a huge cock derek can barely fit it in his mouth so he just sloppily licks and sucks on the tip and then just let's the pounding he's getting from behind push his mouth onto the big cock in his face



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